Social Media

Monitor your brand and reputation 24/7

Respond to negative comments or reviews

Track your social standing against competition

Ensure directory listings are accurate

Boost your ranking in search results (SEO)

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Feature & Benefits

Visibility: Percent visible on major listing sites; search engines, review sites, directory sites & social sites.

Why is this important? Help boost your search engine ranking by being listed accurately on all major sites. Understand and define your brand with consistency and insure all listings are correct so that more people will find you.

Reviews: Reviews of your business on top review sites such as: City Search, Google and Yelp. Receive instant alerts when a review is posted about your business.

Why is this important? Email alert system allows you to instantly know when there is a problem with your business. Reply to reviews as well as market positive reviews as testimonials.

Mentions: Is your business n the news today? Know when your business is mentioned across Blogs, Twitter, News and Facebook.

Why is this important? Email alerts will inform you when your business has been mentioned which will allow you to respond or react. Mentions can also play an important role in your marketing plan, using as testimonials.

Social: Chart your likes, check-ins and followers by day on all of the major social sites. Read or respond to postings that can easily be shared.

Why is this important? Help determine if campaigns and special offers are successful, receive alerts and know what is being said about your business; market and respond to comments.

Competition: Online share of voice in search results against 4 competitors of your choice.

Why is this important? Understand what keywords are driving your business in search. This information can help you better know what consumers are looking for and how your business compares.